Wednesday, February 29

yes, of course i know i have not update this blog for a long time
currently working at the busiest hospital ever..
medical posting i told you!
thank you for dropping bye :)
will update later

Filzah Nur

Friday, November 18

oh my, my blog! (left it without update)
so here it goes, pictures that i took since i am back in Malaysia...
What exactly happened during Raya Aidilfitri :)

jeng jeng....
Hidayah's engagement party! (10th Sept 2011)

Majlis khatam Al-Quran

Ryna's reciting...

XB, Ryna (the Bride), Me (before the solemnization)
cup cake cream!!!!
Congratulations to both of you: Azri & Azrina (17th September 2011)
Azyan :)
Yeah, we are jealous of you, congrats on your engagement babe! (16th September 2011)

tabung! (haha, i took this pic because i have not seen this  for long time) ;P

Makan- makan...

'Open street: Bola sepak, Sect 13'

Neighbours ( aunties, thank you for being cool for the photo shoot)

thank you adik (yes, you are cute, that's why kakak took a photo of you ) :)

p/s: Back in one piece from Port Dickson for the Induction of HO. Next, Monday will be reporting for duty at HTAR, Klang, Selangor :))

Thursday, October 13

My family :)))

Raya 2011: for the first time everyone is here :))

Tuesday, August 16

Mementos from RU...

i know it is too late too update about what had happened in July....
but i don't care...
Graduation day on 28th June 2011

Packing for cargo


Bought it because my flats koyak!

Too bored, end up entertaining my self with my camera (my roommate Ryna went  back home for good already at this time)

Last trip to Moscow to settle our degree with Xb, Arif and Wajdi

Jump shot in front of St. Basil.... Bye bye Russia

Thursday, July 7

oh my...

seriously forget to tell you about this:
i had cancelled my trip to ITALY!!!! ( i should have been there on 29th July but due to some unsettled stuffs, i had to cancel it)
so now i am still in NN...
p/s: call me sloth!!!

Wednesday, July 6


hueheuheheuehue or should i cry now????
i am alone now... spooky!!!
ryna (roommate): on her way back to Malaysia (fyi, for good)
Floormates: gone, all of them are in Malaysia, except 1 Kenyan guy who stayed with his seniors on 7th floor
my oh my, how am i going to sleep tonight???
yes of course, i will switch on all the lights inside my room
watching funny shows/ Korean series/ English series till i sleep...
Thank god, XB is still here... :)
so, these are pictures that i took while i was having GOSS (Medical State Exams before i graduated)

try to guess what is this????

its the rice cooker cover!!! ;P
missing my table (sold to my junior- Arinie)

Friday, July 1

hey, missing me???
soon, i will update my blog 

Monday, June 20

i have another 1 paper left: Obstetrics & Gynaecology!!!
will update soon enough after the exam ended okay!

Sunday, June 12

hey there, thank you for blog hopping :))
pray for me because i am having my Final State Exam now...
tomorrow: Surgery!!!! 
Filzah Nur Johar

Thursday, June 9

busy like.....

muehehhe... this i considered as hillarious (this is what happen when u  learn other languages :P
p/s: i wish i could go back home now!!!! i want to go to that concert, still, i will be on my trip to ITALY :))
hopefully i can see them next year...